Living Words: An Artistic Conversation

Front Cover

Welcome to a collection of meditations on various Scriptures. The illustrations with the text are abstract in nature because we often tend to see God’s work in our lives as abstract and yet, to God it is in perfect step with what He is doing. The Holy Spirit ‘seems’ to work in an abstract way and at times may even seem chaotic. But not so – God’s mind is always in total order. “He orders our steps”…so even though it may appear messy as we follow Him, we will ‘see’ the order, even if after the fact. In the Bible are many types and shadows of things that point to Jesus. There are layers of truth hidden in objects, stories, names, numbers, places, etc. The illustrations are my own symbols that point to the truth. I have given a brief explanation of how each illustration represents the verse and what I got out of it. I hope you can find truth in what you see. The text is written like a conversation. The medium was mainly watercolor. Each was painted, then cut up and put back together in a pattern other than how it began. I never knew just how each one would turn out – which was a great object lesson to me of how God works. We just start to follow in His footsteps not knowing where He will lead, but it is always someplace good for us. And the design He makes of our lives is way better than we could do ourselves. What a great artist God is!

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