Psalm 125:1 – what trusting God really means

“Those that trust in the Lord are as Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever.”

 I used to read this verse and many verses like it, and come away feeling as if I would never be able to trust God enough to feel the sort of security and confidence that this verse speaks of. I always thought it meant that if I trusted God enough, then and only then would I experience the firm standing and safe dwelling that a mountain symbolizes. Have you also read this Scripture and felt this way? If so, keep on reading and perhaps you might also find some freedom from this type of thinking.

What does trust really mean – in a practical and experiential way? Not too long ago I was meditating on this one verse and wondered why I always felt guilty when reading about trust. I felt I lacked trust and would never be able to fully trust God. As I thought about this I looked up the definition of the word “trust.” It means: to attach oneself, feel safe, confide in, to be careless. As I thought over the real meaning, peace swept over my soul and I began to see that indeed I had been putting too much self-effort into what it means to trust. I thought whenever I felt anxious, worried or fearful it meant I wasn’t trusting God, and that I had to work harder at trusting. (That leads to going around in circles). But that’s not what it means at all. “To confide in” struck me in particular because I talk to God all the time. My wrong idea of what trust meant led to a lot of fear; if I wasn’t trusting hard enough (having worry or anxiety = not trusting) then God would withhold His solid love from me (and protection). I realized that I was reading this verse (and those like it) through the glasses of self-effort.

Instead, this verse is really telling us, that trusting is easy. Trusting means just tell God what’s on your heart. Share with Him just like you would share with a friend what’s going on and how you feel about this and that. God knows how you feel anyhow, so just be honest, confide in Him. Even if you are angry at Him or someone else, tell Him about it. If you have a hard time trusting anyone, including God, just be honest and tell Him about it and ask for His help. That’s what it means to confide in another. “To attach oneself” is a picture of a child gripping tightly onto the hands of a parent or someone they like. “To be careless” also brings up the image of not caring one iota what the other person thinks of you. It means you can say anything without fear of being rejected. You can be yourself with complete freedom. And it’s right in that place that we feel the deep safety of being on a firm foundation of a mountain. Erasing the fear of rejection brings security. Realizing the truth took all the sting out of feeling as if I was always coming up short in trusting Him. In fact, I now know that was the enemy at work, blaming me for not trusting perfectly.

This verse also states that when we confide in Him we are as Mount Zion. It does not say “when we trust enough we might sometime (in the future) be as Mt. Zion,” but it says we are as Mt. Zion. If it meant when we trust enough, we’d never know when we’ve trusted “enough.” That is the making of works and self-effort and ends up in self-righteousness and striving.  And it goes on to emphasize that Mt. Zion cannot be moved. It doesn’t say that Mt. Zion might not be moved if we trust enough. Our ability to trust does not make us that firm. We could never in ourselves, create that kind of firm standing. And this firm foundation abides forever and it’s not subject to our wavering emotions. It is founded on God Himself, His faithfulness and love.

We put heavy loads on ourselves all the time. We expect ourselves to be so strong, when in fact, walking with God is a life-long experience of learning how to lean on His strength as we come to Him with all our weaknesses. He loves our weakness and desires to be our strength. So think of trusting as just confiding in another – in Him who already knows our frame and that we are dust. Sometimes we are dustier than at other times, but our dust isn’t the issue. We can stop being hard on ourselves as to “how much” we trust Him. If you’ve told Him even one thing that equals trust in His eyes and all the firmness and confidence of standing on a rock is yours, and it will last forever and never diminish.

How do trust and receiving meet one another? Well, just the simple act of confiding in the Lord is actually an act of receiving in itself. When you do confide in Him, this verse and so many like it in Scripture, promise all the security of the Creator. You don’t have to “do” anything to earn it. Just tell Him what’s going on in your heart, and He will “give” all He desires to give you. 2 Corinthians 1:20 says, “For all the promises of God in Him (Christ) are yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.” So, to receive all He died to give you, sit back and rest that in Christ all God’s promises are already yours. Just unwrap all the gifts He has given you. If you don’t know what those gifts are, just ask Him to show you. He will give you His peace and all the provision and solutions you need today.

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