God rescues us out of the pit

Psalm 107:20  “He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions (or pits).”

Here is a picture of God taking initiative towards those who have fallen into a pit or some other place from which they cannot get out by themselves. “He sent His word” conjures up many images such as John 1:14, “and the Word became flesh.” God sent Jesus to save us, but here it speaks to me that He also sent Jesus, the Word, to heal us and deliver us. This was something He decided to do without our input. Creation comes to mind when God spoke and things that previously were not in existence came into existence. When God speaks, something is bound to happen to our good! Also rising in my mind is Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is living and active.” Why we delay soaking ourselves in God’s letter of life to us is beyond my understanding.

This verse speaks of healing and deliverance from destruction. Anyone who has ever had a long-lasting illness, or otherwise been imprisoned, held captive, addicted, etc, by something for a long time knows that there is a certain amount of destruction that comes as a result of that pit of sickness or captivity. Sometimes you go into financial ruin, lose your family, or, lose your friends, like Job did. There are often a few areas that fall into ruin as you try to get healed or free of something. It really is a pit we fall into. No wonder when things are rough we say, “This is the pits!”

How kind of our Heavenly Father to not only initiate healing, but to be so keenly aware of all the other pits we fall in as we are sick or otherwise incapacitated in this life. The word delivered here means to escape as if by slipperiness, to release or rescue. Sometimes we fall into a pit because the way down was slippery. How wonderful of God to deliver us from destruction in such a way that it is all on His shoulders. That to me, is the only way we can slip out of any given pit. May we experience God’s Word so that it becomes easy to receive what He has to give to us and therefore, be healed and delivered from all destruction!

God’s Word is written for us and yet it is living and Jesus is the incarnation of the Word. Even though just ink on paper, it is active, changes our lives and produces fruit we could never produce ourselves. May His word be sent into those dry places in our hearts and bring new life and deliverance!


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