Being honest with God from Psalm 142

“I cry aloud with my voice to the Lord; I make supplication with my voice to the Lord.” (vs 1) “I cry aloud”…Why are we so often afraid to actually speak out loud to God? And the word there really means to shriek from anguish or danger. Are we worried that if He really knew what we were feeling He… Continue reading Being honest with God from Psalm 142

You are of great value to God!

Matthew 13 holds many parables that Jesus spoke to the multitudes. His purpose was to draw those to Him who had ears to hear and eyes to see. I was reading Mt 13 recently and two of the parables about the kingdom of heaven jumped out at me. The first is: “The kingdom of heaven is… Continue reading You are of great value to God!

Disappointment with God

Every single person in this world has been disappointed by someone – be it parent, sibling, friend, spouse, boss, co-worker, pastor, church friend or God Himself. Just like Adam, we have a tendency to blame others for our own weaknesses and failures. Adam not only blamed Eve but God when God asked why they were… Continue reading Disappointment with God