Disciples at Sea

There are several accounts of the disciples in a boat trying hard to keep control of it as a storm came up in the middle of the night. The references are Matthew 8 and 14, Mark 4 and 6, and John 6. I refrain from posting the actual texts here as it would make this a very long reading. We can learn so much for each account but the main thing that speaks to me each time I read the accounts, is that they “thought” they could rely on themselves to do what they probably had done all their lives – control their boat, control their surroundings, control the issues they faced on a daily basis.

Are you at sea – at work, at home, in relationships, trying hard to get control of some issue you face on a regular basis? Know that our Redeemer loves to climb into your boat with you and calm whatever storm is raging right now! He knows your fears, your ambitions, your dreams, your circumstances, and your enemies (either within or without). Allow Him to get into your boat and you will find Him faithful to calm the storm and bring you to where you and He wants you to be!

There we were,

heeding the Master’s word

“Go forth in the boat

to the other side.”

We had used our boat

so many times before.

Fishing at night,

the dark our comfort and friend.

Out of the sky

came a wind so fierce.

Sail no use as our oars

were employed to steady our craft.

Go to the other side,

arms straining,

wood creaking,

up and down with each wave

as wind churned up sea.

Out of the dark

came a figure dim.

As it drew near

we were stunned to see

His feet on the water

without ground below.

All afraid of a ghost

our thoughts raged within.

“Take courage; it is I. Do not be afraid.”

He got into our boat,

wind halted obeyed.

Our hearts were at peace,

amazed at this One

who could settle a storm

and ease all our fears.

As night turned to day,

the sun poked its head

upon the water

and seemed to declare,

“The dark is so dark

but The Light brighter still.”

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