The Feelings of Jesus

Have you lost sight of Jesus? Do you wonder if He knows how you feel today? Does He concern Himself with your life, emotions, or wounds? We’ve lost sight of the fact that He walked in our skin. Sometimes we avoid going to Him because we think He can’t possibly understand what our lives are… Continue reading The Feelings of Jesus

Living Words: An Artistic Conversation

Welcome to a collection of meditations on various Scriptures. The illustrations with the text are abstract in nature because we often tend to see God’s work in our lives as abstract and yet, to God it is in perfect step with what He is doing. The Holy Spirit ‘seems’ to work in an abstract way… Continue reading Living Words: An Artistic Conversation

Our Room of Needs

“Our Room of Needs” is a type of devotional for those who are embarking on a process of emotional, spiritual or any sort of healing of the heart and mind. Whether this process is aided by a professional counselor or not, these writings can be a wonderful tool for you, so that you know you… Continue reading Our Room of Needs

In the Beginning God…: An Artist’s View of Creation

An artist’s view of the story of Creation in Genesis. The text is taken straight from Scripture, with definitions of the words alongside some comments. The artist hopes that both children and adults will engage in the words and illustrations to see how God reveals Creation to them. Click here to buy

What If?: Animals and their Tales

“What If? Animals and their Tales,” is dedicated to anyone weathering a change in life. This upbeat children’s story is about misfit animals and how they find fellowship with each other despite their life circumstances which leaves them feeling like they don’t fit in. Kids and adults will love all the unique characters and the… Continue reading What If?: Animals and their Tales