Hearing God’s voice

 Jesus said to the Pharisees, “Listen to this eternal truth: The person who sneaks over the wall to enter into the sheep pen, rather than coming through the gate, reveals himself as a thief coming to steal. But the true Shepherd walks right up to the gate, and because the gatekeeper knows who he is, he… Continue reading Hearing God’s voice

Need guidance? God’s Rumble Strips

I was driving along a busy road that had recently been re-surfaced. About every 50 ft., imbedded in the white stripe at the edge of the road – between the shoulder and where our cars are supposed to be – were new kinds of rumble strips. Not the kind you feel when you are on… Continue reading Need guidance? God’s Rumble Strips

How is God my shepherd? A fresh look at Psalm 23

I’d like to share some fresh insights from Psalm 23. It’s a well know part of Scripture and when something is well known, we can tend to glance over it quickly and miss the rich promises of God contained therein. So please read on and I hope you will be refreshed! “The LORD is my… Continue reading How is God my shepherd? A fresh look at Psalm 23